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The free blinkx Video Toolbar allows you access Adult content from blinkx with NO ADS. This means that if you use the blinkx Video Toolbar to perform your Adult searches you will be able to AUTO PLAY the FULL SERIES of clips for each video without leaving the blinkx site. Of course on top of this you will also be able to access any video from our 26 million hours of video from any category. We just wanted to give something extra to our loyal blinkx users :)

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Google Search
Effortless access to Google's search engine, the world's most popular search engine. Whatever it is you're looking for, Google's sure to have it in its index!
Online Video Search
Like to watch YouTube videos? You'll love the blinkx Video Toolbar. Search for the latest free online videos powered by blinkx. The world's most advanced video search engine, gathering 26m hours of video from the entire web so you can watch it in one place.
Free Online Video Favorites
Easy access to the best video sites on the Internet, including You Tube, professional TV content, Sports, Celebs, Movies, News...if it's video, it's on blinkx!
Local Weather
The most up to date weather forecast for your local area. Powered by bringing the weather to life with high quality video forecasts.
Free Games
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  • Windows XP/Vista


Most times when I download software from the web it starts great but ends up annoying me, so I was skeptical about the blinkx Toolbar. But, 4 months on, I guess I've proven myself wrong
Emily B, from TX
I wanted an easy way to search the web and for video, the blinkx Video Toolbar got the job done!
Scott S, from CA

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